5 Easy Facts About Trend Described

To establish in an unforeseen, surprising, or unforeseen way, especially in a method that contradicts current historical past. Commonly Utilized in reference to money issues. Although home values within our metropolis are down In general, one neighborhood is bucking the trend and continue to getting good industry price.

To undergo a speedy rise in general public desire or focus: News on the earthquake is trending on social media marketing.

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To abide by a trend you have to not merely know about exactly what is currently happening but be astute enough to forecast what will almost certainly materialize Down the road

appreciation, discernment, perceptiveness, flavor - sensitive discrimination (Specifically of aesthetic values); "conceitedness and not enough taste contributed to his speedy achievements"; "to check with at that individual time was the last word in undesirable taste"

A current market top rated (or current market large) will likely be not a extraordinary celebration. The industry has simply just achieved the highest issue that it's going to, for some time (usually a several years). It really is retroactively described as sector individuals usually are not conscious of it because it takes place. A decline then follows, ordinarily step by step at the outset and later with additional rapidity.

5. to have a tendency to choose a specific course; increase in some path indicated. 6. to arise as a favorite trend; be currently preferred: terms which have trended this calendar year.

The differences of salinity support this technique, and, specifically in the northern European seas, typically confirm a sharper criterion in the boundaries than temperature alone; this is very the situation at the doorway to the Baltic.

The trend in the last couple decades is for An increasing number of couples choosing to cohabit prior to, or as an alternative to, finding married.

n (= tendency) → Tendenz file, → Richtung f, → Trend m; the trend toward(s) violence → der Trend or die Tendenz zur Gewalttätigkeit; upward trend → steigende Tendenz, Aufwärtstrend m; the downward trend within the start price → die Rückläufigkeit or der Abwärtstrend der Geburtenrate; the trend clear of materialism → die zunehmende Abkehr vom Materialismus; to established a trend → eine neue Richtung setzen, richtungweisend sein

5. to usually take a specific way; extend in some route indicated. six. to arise as a favorite trend; be presently common: text which have trended this calendar year.

A protracted-time period trend that develops or progresses around a few years. The inclination for women to begin menstruating at younger and young ages in the course of the twentieth century is really an instance.

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(intransitive) To have a selected path; to operate; to stretch; to are inclined The shore of The ocean trends to your southwest.


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